We are well aware of all of the technological changes made every year. With the advent of computers and the number of electronic components, the demands on a vehicle’s electrical system have increased substantially. Computers require a very specific amount of power for them to function properly. Too much or too little power can cause significant problems. The heart of the electrical system is the battery. Because of the heat and demands put on batteries today manufacturers have changed the composition of the battery. Gone are the days of a traditiional lead acid battery. The new batteries are a glass material composition or AGM type.

The old batteries do not have the capacity or durability to perform in today’s vehicles. These batteries cannot be interchanged. Even charging, testing or boosting has changed. Care must be taken working on these systems. Equipment and training levels for technicians have also increased. When working on today’s vehicles knowledge is KING. Be sure you have your vehicle serviced by qualified technicians who use the proper equipment. Remember, even disconnecting a battery improperly can cause costly damage.