During the colder weather months, drivers find themselves using more windshield washer fluid. Street surfaces are generally sloppier and can kick up snow, salt, mud and grime that require washer fluid to help out your windshield wipers.

You might be tempted just to pick up the cheapest washer fluid you can find, but sometimes that’s not the wisest choice.

Different windshield washer fluids are made for different climates. The label will usually tell you the lowest temperature at which they’ll work properly. Some will also have a detergent in them to clean off the contaminants that dirty up your windshield. Still, others will contain a chemical that will leave fewer streaks. Better quality washer fluid can be used year round.

Some windshield washer fluids are made to be diluted, most are pre-mixed and intended to be poured directly into the washer fluid reservoir and used as is.

The most important thing is to keep your windshield washer level up. The Auto Guys technicians can make sure your vehicle is topped up with the right washer fluid.

A technician will also make sure your washer mechanism is working properly. It’s a safety issue. You don’t want to be caught out in the elements and unexpectedly find your washer fluid isn’t available at your fingertips. It’s no fun to drive blind any time, especially in extra-treacherous colder weather.

The Auto Guys staff are committed to your driving safety. We can check your washer fluid and wiper blades to make sure they are ready for both winter weather and summer bugs.

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