When buying or leasing a new vehicle you are responsible to perform all of the required maintenance in order to maintain the new vehicle warranty. You do not have to get the vehicle serviced at the dealer to maintain your warranty. If you get your vehicle serviced at a reputable shop using approved lubricants you will be OK. Most manufacturers warranties are voided when you do your own oil changes so take this into consideration. You are also able to purchase vehicle service plans form the dealership. These follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule which could mean only one oil change per year which is far too long.

Some manufacturers have realized these intervals are too long and as a result are reprogramming the intervals shorter due to increased warranty issues. Consider one extra service every year which will dramatically increase the life of your vehicle’s life. This is a wise investment. There are many systems that need inspection far more often than 1 year intervals. Today’s vehicles are made much better than 10 years ago but do require more maintenance.