The Drive Clean program was developed to clean up the air we breathe. It is designed to make vehicle owners accountable for the vehicles they drive. Vehicles that are polluters are repaired to run better and pollute less. Vehicles are built better than ever before. They last longer and cost less to operate than vehicles made 20 years ago. The main changes are:

  1. Vehicles for license renewal will be tested at no cost to the owner.
  2. If a vehicle fails, a retest done at the same test facility will be ½ price of a regular test.
  3. If the owner wishes to exercise a conditional pass they will only be allowed to do it once. There are no more allowed after the first one for this vehicle.
  4. There is no e test required on a purchase of a used vehicle now.

Be careful with #4 because once you own the vehicle you will need an e test to renew your license plate sticker. Get the vehicle checked out before purchasing it. I believe in the Drive Clean program. It has removed many polluter vehicles from our roads. If you maintain your vehicles properly you shouldn’t have too many problems with the emission test. If the check engine light is on the vehicle will fail automatically. The repair must be done prior to the test. By simply attempting to turn out the light will not work either. The vehicle computer will remember and will show up on the test.