There are a few commercial grade windshield treatments available that really benefit vehicle owners. They have several benefits:

  1. They can fill in small scratches.
  2. The film on the windshield actually repels water. The water runs off the windshield very easily reducing the need for wiper operation.
  3. The drag on the wipers is reduced causing less wear and tear on the wiper components.
  4. Frost comes off the windshield easier.
  5. Wiper blades will last longer.
  6. Dirt and debris is removed easier from the surface of the windshield.

When driving in heavy rain the wipers will be able to clear the windshield easier. If a big truck is approaching, as it passes the sudden spray simply blows right off the windshield so you do not lose your vision but for a second. When properly installed it can last several months. Your vision in poor weather is dramatically improved with this type of treatment.