The air conditioning systems in the vehicles today are very complex. We depend on them for comfort when driving. When the system stops working it should be looked at by a professional. Yes it could cost money to properly diagnose the problem. An accurate diagnosis could save you a lot of money. Sometimes the air conditioning does not cool as well as it used to. There could possibly be a leak in the system. It is mandatory the leak be properly repaired and documented.

Don’t be fooled by the self repair products out on the market.They are not approved by car manufacturers. Once injected into the system it becomes contaminated. Approved repair facilities now have to have identifiers on their equipment. If the identifier shows a contaminated system they may chose not to work on it. The system will need significant and costly repair to restore the operation. Installing too much refrigerant will also damage the system.

If your air conditioning system is not working properly save money and have a professional diagnose it properly.