Starting at $20/month, do everything your vehicle needs today and don’t pay for 90 days!

  • Instant approval
  • No credit check
  • Open loan
  • 19.99% interest
  • 36 months
  • Pay off early with no fee

A one-time lien administration fee is included in the monthly payment.

How it works

Step 1
Click here to enter your vehicle information for instant approval.
We loan up to 25% of the current value of your vehicle.

Step 2
The Auto Guys will provide you a monthly quote for your repairs or tires.
The term is for 36 months but you can pay it off anytime.

Step 3
An easy monthly  payment is debited from your account each month.
Pain-free way to extend the life of your vehicle.



This service is provided by Autolog IQ