Owner’s manuals have schedules for preventive maintenance. St. Thomas drivers can check on things like oil changes, transmission service and so on. They say you should change your oil every so many kilometers or after so many months. St. Thomas drivers understand this very well. What they may not know is that there are actually two service schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. The kilometer and time intervals are lower on the severe service schedule.

Now when you hear “severe service”, you may think it doesn’t apply to you because you don’t feel your driving conditions are severe or extreme – it’s just normal everyday driving. So let’s list some of the conditions that manufacturers classify as severe so that St. Thomas drivers can make the judgment on their own driving.

• Most trips are less than six kilometers.
• Most trips are less than 16 kilometers and outside St. Thomas temperatures are below freezing
• You drive in very hot weather in ON
• Driving at low speed most of the time around the St. Thomas area (under 88 kph)
• Stop and go driving
• Operating your vehicle in dusty, polluted or muddy St. Thomas conditions
• You tow a trailer, regularly carry heavy loads or carry a car-top carrier

Most of us St. Thomas drivers operate under severe driving conditions at least some of the time. How do we know which car maintenance schedule to follow?

Carefully think about your driving conditions and decide if you should do your preventive maintenance closer to the severe service recommendation or the regular recommendation. Of course, your The Auto Guys service advisor can help you with your decision.

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