What is a severe service maintenance schedule?

The Auto Guys Answer:
When I was a kid in, Sunday meant having a bath, getting dressed for church and then hanging up my Sunday clothes as soon as we got home. Mom didn’t have to wash those clothes but once a month or so.

Now, Saturdays were another story entirely: catching lizards, splash contests in mud puddles and crawling through the brush. Those clothes went straight into the laundry basket. My Sunday clothes, easy use. My Saturday clothes, hard use. They required a different laundry schedule. Severe service maintenance schedules are kind of like that for St. Thomas drivers. “Normal” driving has a regular schedule; “hard” driving has a severe service schedule. Service intervals are shorter on the severe schedule.

Most owner’s manuals will describe severe service as:
Stop and go driving
Short trips
Low speed driving
Extreme hot or cold
Dusty conditions
Carrying heavy loads

For most St. Thomas people, some “severe” driving is part of their everyday routine. You can talk to your The Auto Guys service advisor about how you drive around the St. Thomas area and see if your routine is closer to the regular or severe definitions and adjust your service intervals for things like oil changes, transmission and cooling system service.

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