Diesel engines are appearing in more and more vehicles around the St. Thomas area in nearly every category from compact cars to pick-up trucks to high performance luxury vehicles. In much of the world, 40% or more of passenger vehicles are equipped with diesels. Many drivers in ON and throughout the country are beginning to appreciate the power and fuel economy benefits of diesel engines.

Many maintenance items for diesel engines are similar to non-diesel engines. One vital difference is the requirement of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF. Modern clean-diesel engines burn very lean which reduces soot and other pollutants. A side effect is the production of nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment. DEF is added to the exhaust and reacts with nitrogen oxide to produce harmless water and nitrogen. Diesel vehicles have a tank to hold the DEF. A small amount of DEF is metered into the exhaust as the engine runs. When the DEF starts to run low, it’s vital the DEF tank is refilled.

Because DEF is so vital to environmental health, your vehicle will notify you when it is running low. As the DEF level gets lower, you will receive additional warnings. At some point, the engine may go into “limp home” mode or the number of times which the engine can be started may be limited. So don’t ignore the low DEF warning and be sure to refill the DEF tank.

At The Auto Guys we are passionate about helping diesel drivers care for their diesel vehicles. With proper diesel maintenance you will enjoy long engine life and excellent fuel economy.

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