All modern vehicles on ON expressways come with an emissions system. Their purpose is to reduce the amount of harmful emissions getting into the atmosphere. The system draws in fresh air, collects vaporized fuel and oil and directs them to the intake system to be burned in the engine.

The first and most obvious part in the evaporative emissions control system is the fuel cap. If it’s loose or leaky, fuel vapors will escape. A series of valves, hoses and filters work together to lessen emissions.

If there is a leak or failed emissions component, the Check Engine Light may come on. In fact, emissions troubles are one of the most prevalent causes for the Check Engine light.

Now emissions systems troubles usually don’t hurt performance or damage the car. But of course they are releasing a lot of harmful air pollution. And if saving the planet isn’t motivation enough for us to make an emissions repair, we need to remember that we only have one Check Engine Light. It might have come on because your fuel cap is loose. But it also may have come on because one of your spark plug coils isn’t working.

Assuming the Check Engine Light is on because of a suspected straightforward emissions leak is not wise. What is more troublesome is even when you have an emission trouble diagnosed but delay in getting it repaired.  That Check Engine Light is staying on, potentially masking new, more extreme troubles as they develop. And of course, if St. Thomas requires an emissions test, you won’t pass with an illuminated Check Engine Light.

If your Check Engine Light is on, bring your car in to The Auto Guys and have it evaluated. Your The Auto Guys service advisor can tell you what you are up against and work out a plan to get it taken care of.

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