In a perfect world we St. Thomas drivers would get into our cars in the morning and go about our business with no traffic on smooth roads. All the lights would be green, the air would be pure and a litre of fuel would cost a dollar. In that world, following car maker vehicle maintenance recommendations might be all you would need to worry about.

But of course, that’s not the way it works. There’s dust and pollution in St. Thomas air, traffic jams and potholes. Issues with your car don’t come on a schedule,  they just happen. That’s why The Auto Guys offers multi-point vehicle inspections.

Our well-trained and experienced service advisors know what to look for and often uncover both minor and major troubles for busy St. Thomas drivers.

There may be many kilometers to go before you’re scheduled for a new air filter – but if it’s clogged up now we’ll find out and fix it. If our service advisor observes an uneven tire wear pattern, they can investigate the root cause. You may not even remember that curb you hit two months ago that bent your tie rod end, but damage was done and a trained eye can see the effects.

The multi-point inspection gives us an opportunity to inspect for the unexpected. We can help take care of little troubles before they become pricey. Your car will perform better, be more efficient and safer. This is all part of the service and care we incorporate into our standard The Auto Guys procedures.

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