St. Thomas drivers may not know that there are vital uniform service and repair guidelines in the automotive industry. The guidelines were created to help automotive service professionals better talk to motorists. It also gives you a common language to use when talking with different repair facilities.

Recommendations are based on the following definitions:

First, System Failure. This is when parts or a system are out of car maker’s specifications have failed, or are unable to carry out their specific function. An example would be going in for new brakes and your The Auto Guys service advisor discovers that one of your rotors is cracked. A cracked rotor is a failed part. Your service advisor cannot ethically slap new brake pads on a cracked rotor because it has a high probability of becoming a brake system failure and a serious safety hazard.

The second category is Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance. This is when parts or a system are scheduled for replacement or service according to vital industry standards or are near the end of their useful life. This could be something as ordinary as a scheduled oil change. It would also include things like a recommendation to replace your tires when they have worn down to the tread wear indicator bars.

The third category is Improved System Performance. This is when a part or system could be replaced or repaired to enhance or improve a vehicle’s intended performance. These recommendations are often made at a customer’s request. Examples could include a heavy duty alternator for a family that tows a camp trailer, an upgraded battery for someone who lives in a very cold region, or high-performance shocks/struts for a driving enthusiast.

As you can see, these guidelines cover everything from the vital to the optional. They allow St. Thomas drivers and their service advisors to communicate on the same level and make better informed service and repair decisions.

Whenever an automotive concern crosses your mind, or if you are just thinking: “What if…”? Just ask one of our skilled The Auto Guys service advisors and we’ll be happy to talk about your specific needs.

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