It can be very frustrating for St. Thomas drivers when their car won’t start. It’s inconvenient and you don’t know what’s going to be involved to get back on the road. In fact, it could be any number of troubles.

Let’s start with the starter. A flywheel is attached to your engine. This is a durable metal disk that spins as the engine turns and helps smooth out the vibrations from the combustion process. The flywheel has teeth along its outer edge. When you go to start your engine, a little gear in the starter moves out to engage the flywheel. The electric motor in the starter turns, getting the flywheel and engine spinning fast enough to start the vehicle.

If troubles develop with the starter motor, the mechanism that meshes with the flywheel, or any of the cables or electrical connections to the starter, the engine won’t start.

Sometimes the battery is dead and the engine won’t start. While it is obvious to drivers that the battery is not charged enough to start the car, they don’t yet know why. It could be that the battery is bad and needs to be replaced or, it could be that there is something wrong with the charging system.

Your alternator spins and generates electricity to run your car and to charge the battery. If your alternator is bad it will need to be replaced. Or, it could be that it is not spinning properly because there are troubles with the serpentine belt or belt tensioner. The serpentine belt is powered by the engine and, among other things, spins the alternator. The belt tensioner makes sure there is enough pressure on the serpentine belt to provide sufficient traction to keep the alternator going at speed.

Based on the number of parts involved with starting up your car: if you turn the key and your engine won’t start, it could be any number of troubles. Our skilled service advisors can diagnose the root of your starting or charging troubles, and will make a targeted repair, rather than just replacing parts that may, in fact, still be perfectly good.

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