Most St. Thomas drivers try to take real good care of their vehicles. But there is something that they may be overlooking: wheel bearings on their trailers. Whether it’s a small utility trailer or toy hauler, up to a big work trailer, boat or camp trailer, they all have wheels with bearings that need to be serviced from time to time.

Trailer wheel bearings allow the wheel to spin freely. They are packed in heavy duty grease that can withstand the heat generated by the spinning wheel and keep protecting the bearings.

When your The Auto Guys service advisor services the bearings on your trailer, he’ll remove the wheel bearing assembly and inspect the bearings themselves. If they are damaged or corroded they will be replaced. He will then pack fresh grease around the bearings, replace the seals, and put the wheel back on.

St. Thomas drivers actually expect a lot from trailer bearings. They may sit unused for an extended period of time but when we hitch up that trailer we need the bearings to be in top shape to meet the demands of heavy loads and very dirty conditions. A bearing failure will sideline the work or fun you had planned.

Excessively worn bearings may result in uneven tire wear. Wheels can wobble which may hurt handling. Extremely worn bearings can even seize, causing the wheel to lock-up: obviously that can be harmful for St. Thomas drivers.

Boat trailers require special attention. The bearings are quite hot after a trip to the lake and then you back into the cold water. The extreme temperature difference draws moisture into the bearings and forces out some of the grease. It’s vital for drivers is to have their boat trailer bearings serviced at the end of the season so that they don’t rust during the winter.

Talk with your The Auto Guys service advisor about your trailer and how you use it. He can recommend the proper bearing service.

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