Let’s review some things that St. Thomas drivers can do to improve fuel economy. Bottom line is, the better you maintain your vehicle, the less fuel you will use. It all adds up in a big way. For example, replacing your dirty engine air filter will pay for itself in fuel savings before your next oil change and will keep saving you money after that.

A clean, well-maintained fuel system really pays big dividends for budget conscious St. Thomas drivers. A clogged fuel filter wastes fuel. So does a dirty fuel system, grimy fuel injectors and plugged up PCV valves. A fuel system service decreases the fuel you use, and increases the power so you can’t go wrong with that.

Some of us St. Thomas drivers ignore our check engine light. But fixing the problem that caused the light to come on will usually save some fuel as well. It may be a bad oxygen sensor that can really rob your fuel economy.

And, it may be time for a tune-up. Tune-ups should improve your fuel economy. Don’t overlook the routine maintenance items, like scheduled oil changes, transmission and cooling system service. Dirty or low fluids actually use more fuel. Just look at your car maker’s recommended service intervals in the owner’s manual, or ask your The Auto Guys service advisor for the schedule.

Don’t forget your tires. Under inflated tires waste fuel. And if your wheels are out of alignment you won’t get the fuel economy you need.

Be sure to get a new fuel cap if yours leaks or is worn.

None of these things are very complicated or expensive for St. Thomas drivers to stay on top of. When you maintain your car properly, you save fuel today and prevent pricey repairs tomorrow.

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