What do with my off- season tires?  Where is an ideal place for them? Try not to store them out in the open.  The elements really cause problems. The sun attacks the rubber causing it to dry out and crack. The rain/snow causes corrosion on the rims which shortens their life substantially. Putting them under a tarp captures a lot of condensation. They need to be in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Garden sheds typically are not a good place for storage unless they are well ventilated and out of direct sunlight. Sometimes they can be difficult to handle because of their size and weight.

Shops now offer climate controlled storage which is the ideal place. You never have to handle the tires again. Putting them in and taking them out of your trunk can be a pain literally. If you select a place to store your tires make sure they are put where they are not susceptible to extreme temperatures like in storage containers. You often have a substantial amount of money invested in tires and wheels so be picky where you trust them.